[lug] Redhat 7.0

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Wed Oct 18 18:34:27 MDT 2000

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> I would not upgrade to 7.0 until it stabilizes.

I won't upgrade to 7.0 at all. Or, if I do, I will wait till 7.2. 
I will NOT use the gcc included. There are gcc compatibility 
issues. Mainly, they released a development snapshot of gcc, took 
it upon themselves to name it 2.96. It is neither backward 
compatible, nor forward compatible with future versions of gcc. 
The latest stable version of gcc is 2.95.5 or something. I don't 
have it (RedHat 7.0), so I don't know, but there might be issues 
even compiling anything that's not included with 7.0. Go for 6.2, 
if you choose RedHat.

my 2 cents-

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