[lug] att at home cable service

Dan Radom dradom at redback.com
Wed Oct 18 21:16:57 MDT 2000

I found a 768/384 service with a static IP for under $50/mo.  I'm about 9000
feet from the CO.  We'll see how the order process goes.  Thanks for all the
feedback.  Someone had said that @home told them their service wasn't
available in Broomfield.  They told me it definitely was.  I'm pretty much
on the border of Broomfield and Westminster.


> Dan,
> I am partial to DSL.  No restrictions on on what you can do with the
> easy access to a static IP.  I get a static IP for free, 640 Kbps up/down
> I can run whatever servers I want on my machines.  I also am not forced to
> the AT&T ISP, nor am I required to get their cable service.
> On the downside, DSL is more difficult to get.  A lot of house don't have
> that qualify.  But, if the place where your moving has DSL available, give
it a
> serious thought.  Cable is faster on the spec sheet, but I don't know if
that is
> the reality in practice.  I'm sure some of the time it is faster.
> Tim
> PS-> in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I work for
> company that provides DSL as one of its services.  But I would choose as I
> even if I didn't work there. ;)

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