[lug] att at home cable service

Kenneth D. Weinert kweinert at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 18 16:15:50 MDT 2000

I'm at roughly 134th and Huron (in Westminster, about 2 blocks from 
Broomfield) and I'm getting cable installed on Friday - I think I would 
have preferred DSL, but since that wasn't an option (distance from CO), 
cable will have to do - and at least most times it should be better than 
the 49K connections I get :)

At 09:16 PM 10/18/00 -0600, you wrote:
>I found a 768/384 service with a static IP for under $50/mo.  I'm about 9000
>feet from the CO.  We'll see how the order process goes.  Thanks for all the
>feedback.  Someone had said that @home told them their service wasn't
>available in Broomfield.  They told me it definitely was.  I'm pretty much
>on the border of Broomfield and Westminster.

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