[lug] Redhat 7.0

llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Thu Oct 19 05:50:58 MDT 2000

> Besides, KRUD has them beat as far as big numbers.  This month's
> release is over 20 million: 20001002  ;-)

This is how I have been versioning my code. Makes for a cool 
looking number, people can readily see a new version, and the date 
released, it makes more sense to me, and takes the guessing out of 
arbitrarily setting a version number. 

> People keep saying things like "I won't touch the x.0 release.  
> I'll wait until at least x.2" 

Well, it's true that most of RedHat's x.0 releases suck. and that 
they usually fix things in x.1, and x.2. I am just going by what I 
read in newsgroups, and such. In fact, the dist I last installed 
was RH 6.0, but then I promptly upgraded packages like glibc, 
etc,enough to make it not really 6.0. Even if I installed RedHat 
7.0, I would go out and find the latest releases from the 
different projects. No matter WHEN RH releases its CD's, there are 
always newer 'packages' out there. Some of which has had security 
patches applied. I don't know about the inetd.conf thing. I think 
I'd rather have one file, instead of a new directory and several 
files.  Anyone care to explain the advatages of the RH's new inetd 

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