[lug] Redhat 7.0

Jarosko, Bill Bill_Jarosko at adc.com
Thu Oct 19 09:29:49 MDT 2000

  I would have to agree that this .0 release is pretty good, as a matter of fact it is the only upgrade that's ever worked for me.  Usually things break left and right when I perform an upgrade, but nothing broke, the installation didn't hang, no nothing. Which is good since I really didn't want to go back and set up the raid partitions all over again.  I don't like the fact that Gnucash won't run but what can you do.  
  One thing I found interesting, and I don't know if this worked on any other release, is the drag and drop features.  By accident I happened to drop the cdrom icon from the desktop into Netscape, low and behold it brought up the contents of said cdrom.  So much for the other file managers..... 

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> On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 05:02:58PM -0600, Justin wrote:
> >I'm trying to get peoples personal preferences/experiences 
> with Redhat 7.0.
> I've been running RedHat 7 on my primary box (my laptop) since Friday.
> I decided to install XFree 3.3.6 instead of 4.0.1 because the 4.0.1
> driver for my laptop display was significantly slower than the 3.3.6
> variant.  I've had no problems with Redhat 7.0 thus far.  It looks
> by far to be the most solid .0 release Redhat has made.
> In an uncharacteristic move, next month will probably be the release
> of KRUD 7.0 (we're still putting it through it's paces, but there
> are no show-stoppers so far).  It was over 6 months from the Redhat
> release before we release a KRUD 6.1, for example.
> xinetd is there, and it uses a totally different scheme for the
> config.  I'll give you a hint though...  If you need to make an
> xinetd entry, write a regular inetd.conf entry to /etc/inetd.conf
> and run "inetdconf".  Presto!
> I've built a couple of dozen packages so far and it's working well.
> There seems to be a problem with the brp-compress step of the RPM
> build process, but I was seeing that under 6.2 as well.
> Kevin has been running Redhat 7 for a few weeks on his main box.
> Evelyn was slated for an upgrade this weekend as well, but we tried to
> be clevar and it didn't work out.  Don't ask, let's just say 
> it involved
> hand-typing in python code so we didn't have to pull another copy of
> Redhat across the net.  ;-)
> Sean
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