[lug] OT Qeustion

Matt Clauson mec at dotorg.org
Thu Oct 19 09:44:33 MDT 2000

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 10:18:54AM -0500, Jarosko, Bill wrote:
> Sorry to ask this here but I figured who better to ask....
> I have a company trying to Jump Start SunOS 2.6 on some of our Ultra 5's from the Enterprise 450 in the back room.  I know there is issues with 2.6 coming off of the 450 but I have a question.  There is, well Just take a look....
>  hostconfig -p bootparams -n -v
> >From []: hostname = sp5vcv-u70
>                 ypdomain = adc-co.uswest.com
>                 router = 155.xxx.xxx.xxx
> What I would like to know, and what nobody can answer is, What in the heck could be?  The big issue right now is that the Ultra 5's won't mount the NFS volume, but I don't think it's related to this question.

I won't pretend to know ANYTHING about Solaris, even though I use it at work...
I'm still learning it.  However...  What's the netmask on the machines in
question, both the U5s and the E450?  That looks suspiciously like an inverted

However, for an "all points broadcast", so to speak...  I think it should
probably end up as something like or -- I forget which
is all-hosts and which is all-routers.


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