[lug] OT Qeustion

Jarosko, Bill Bill_Jarosko at adc.com
Thu Oct 19 09:56:18 MDT 2000

 The mask that's being used is a class C (
 Yeah the we thought the same thing as far as the inverted mask.  I think it's an incorrect router setup, and we're getting a response/inverted mask from another subnet. But I am told no way.


> I won't pretend to know ANYTHING about Solaris, even though I 
> use it at work...
> I'm still learning it.  However...  What's the netmask on the 
> machines in
> question, both the U5s and the E450?  That looks suspiciously 
> like an inverted
> netmask...
> However, for an "all points broadcast", so to speak...  I 
> think it should
> probably end up as something like or 
> -- I forget which
> is all-hosts and which is all-routers.
> --Matt
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