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Good afternoon:

Market*Access International and Potomac Forum, Ltd. (a nonprofit educational
organization) are hosting the First Annual Federal GNU and Linux Users'
Conference and Awards Presentation on Monday 30 October 2000.
Twenty-six percent (26%) of federal installations have reported use of the
Linux operating system in their organization, as reported by IDC.  IDC also
estimates that "most of the government's sophisticated, back-office
computers will be running Linux by 2002."  Just when agencies are turning to
enterprise-wide solutions and mainframe class applications, the Linux
operating system offers a new and exciting alternative.

This will be a one-day conference that will present agency plans and
strategies for deploying new and innovative Linux applications.

The conference will focus on those Linux applications that are in the early
or test bed stage AND will likely evolve into enterprise-level deployments.

Speakers at the conference will include representatives from Atipa, Caldera,
the Free Software Foundation, and others.

For more details on the conference, please visit

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