[lug] cron question

Hugh Brown hugh at byu.edu
Mon Oct 23 19:09:43 MDT 2000

If I'm not mistaken, you need a full path or you need to set the path in
the script that you call.  In general it is good practice to give
absolute (full) paths in crontab entries and scripts.


Michael Wegener wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Does cron need a full path specified for commands? I run cron with a
> mixture of scripts (where I specify the full path and which run fine)
> and PATH-resident commands that can be run from the command line (i.e.
> echo and sitecopy). All show up in the cron logs, but "sitecopy" and
> "echo" never run  and I can't figure out why there should be a
> difference. Any ideas what I'm missing?
> --M

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