[lug] Web archiving email

Keith Herold keith.herold at colorado.edu
Thu Oct 26 13:11:30 MDT 2000

Howdy!  I have looked and looked on how to do this, but all the
information is for sysadmins running sendmail/listserv/listproc/

I am not an administrator, but I am working for a research group that
wants to automatically archive emails sent to a mailing list to an
internal web site.  Pipermail was suggested to me, but I cannot find the

What software is ot there that doesn't depend on access to a campus mail
server (i.e. are there ones where I can create a user
("mail_list at colorado.edu"), subscribe it to the list, and then have all
messages sent to it archived?  Is there an easier way?)

I suppose I could hack out a perl program to do this, off my account,
but I would rather not do this.

Any help?


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