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Warren Sanders sanders at b-squared.net
Thu Oct 26 14:02:22 MDT 2000

You might try what I use.  NeoMail http://neomail.sourceforge.net
It uses your PINE folders except for the address book.  My setup is not
set up using secure server settings but I'm sure I saw that it can be done.

> I currently take all email, and sort it to several files on my linux
> box, where I then use PINE to read new messages in each box.  There
> are many times when it would be useful to have access to these email
> archive files via the web.
> So, the question is:  How can I setup a web page using secure http
> that will display the email messages in an intelligent manner?  I
> don't need anything fancy...reading mail is all that is required, and
> because of the large number of messages, they must be displayed by
> subject, date, and sender, and clicking on a particular message brings
> up the entire text.  The ability to reply to the mail would be nice,
> but not at all necessary.  This program must work with an arbitrary
> mail file on the linux system.
> I could easily write such a program myself, but there must be
> something out there already that does what I want.
> Any suggestions?
> --David
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