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Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Thu Oct 26 18:30:07 MDT 2000

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 02:05:07PM -0600, J. Wayde Allen wrote:
>I believe I've read that Pipermail is no longer being supported.  However,
>it is the base archiver for mailman so ...?

If you can run Mailman (www.list.org), there will be much rejoicing.
It by default includes archiving.  ezmlm also includes archiving that
you can access by mail.  It has the nice feature that you can say
"Hey, give me all messages in the thread X".

Pipermail is being enhanced as a part of Mailman, but ripping it out
is probably not worth it.  The stand-alone one is pretty old.

>It depends on what your idea of an archive actually is?  If you want to
>take a mail file and convert it to a threaded web list Mhonarc
><http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/mhonarc.doc.html> seems to work pretty
>well.  If you want to make it search-able I'd consider adding
><http://www.htdig.org/> to the mix.  You could create an account on one of

This is exactly what the BLUG archives are made of.  Other than htdig
seeming to require one binary for every archive you want to set up, it's
ok.  These days for a public list, I'd simply use the google
"domain restricted search" facility and call it done.

>your machines and subscribe this virtual user to a list.  A cron job could
>then routinely run Mhonarc and Htdig and you'd be done.  Another method

I have it set up so that every incoming message triggers mhonarc on that
single message, which means the archive is immediately updated.
htdig is updated daily by cron...

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