[lug] vi editor

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri Oct 27 09:10:51 MDT 2000

The result:

I'm negotiating a job which will mainly involve vi and once again BLUG to
the rescue.  <space><space><enter>2x{!}fmt<enter>

This is what I rec'd. I don't think I did it correctly. 

> Place your cursor on the '*' and do:
> 	d/<space><space><enter>2x{!}fmt<enter>

Do this without entering command mode right?? Not sure if it's the correct
term, what I mean is without preceding it with a ":".

I just took the HTML testing end of the job reqs. Man... just when you
start getting cocky.... someone has to come along and really blow it all
to hell. It was a tough test (TeckCheck, HTML 4.0), it's all learnable
within a really quick time frame but you know... when you think you know
everything... it's not good for someone to interrupt the flow



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