[lug] vi editor

Archer Sully archer at meer.net
Thu Oct 26 22:13:46 MDT 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> The result:
> I'm negotiating a job which will mainly involve vi and once again BLUG to
> the rescue.  <space><space><enter>2x{!}fmt<enter>
> This is what I rec'd. I don't think I did it correctly.
> > Place your cursor on the '*' and do:
> >
> >       d/<space><space><enter>2x{!}fmt<enter>
> Do this without entering command mode right?? Not sure if it's the correct
> term, what I mean is without preceding it with a ":".

Yep.  vi has the unique ability to combine deletion commands with
cursor movement.  This deletes everything up to two spaces, then
deletes 2 characters, then pipes a paragraph through fmt.  I think.
I've been an emacs guy for a few years now, after I had a religious
experience and saw the error of my ways.  Please don't send the
de-programmers over here ;-).  Anyway, my vi is kinda rusty.

-- archer

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