[lug] vi editor

Archer Sully archer at meer.net
Thu Oct 26 23:28:14 MDT 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> I've never even tried it. Is it easy to migrate from vi to emacs or is it
> a whole new language.

Emacs is kinda like PERL.  Use it every day and its great.  Go away 
from it for two months and you wonder how you did that stuff.  It is
about as far from vi as you can get, although there are a couple of
vi emulators written in elisp for emacs.

> I'm totally blown away by Sean's creative use of vi. :}

That's actually very typical usage for a veteran vi user.  The
power of the editor is really in its ability to combine movement
and editing commands.  And the "." command is helpful, too.  Emacs
can't do that trick.

-- archer

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