[lug] BrainBench

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Oct 27 12:37:34 MDT 2000

I just took one of the tests and the whole thing seems a little hokey.


> The Linux test was a little over my head since it spoke a lot about gnome
> and kde from the admin standpoint. I don't use either. It put me in the
> top 20 here in Denver so I know it's not that highly used here based on
> the scores that were in there. Pretty big range.
> The HTML test was not as intensive as the one I took for pre-employment,
> which was weighted for problem-solving and competency. For instance if
> there were 3 correct answers and you checked two of them you lost points
> for not chosing the third but you also got points for the ones you did get
> correct. 
> BrainBench only allowed for one answer per question.

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