[lug] LILO and Windows Safe Mode

John Edwards harkerii at sprintmail.com
Mon Nov 6 15:21:30 MST 2000

At 03:26 PM 11/5/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Folks!
>I'm running Corel/Debian and Win98 SE on the same physical hard drive. As per
>usual, Windows is acting strangely and will not completely boot (it loads the
>desktop and as the taskbar is supposed to load, it hangs). Unfortunately, I
>cannot get into safe mode to figure out what's hanging the process up. When
>LILO boots to Windows, it starts the normal Win98 boot process (i.e., the 
>screen comes up), and there's no way to get to the boot menu and/or safe mode.
>I've tried using the Win98 startup disk, but that was no help at all 

         Actually, it's simpler than that, if I'm not mistaken (read this 
as:  I'm not 100% certain...)
         There is a file in the root of your C:\ drive called 
msdos.sys.  At the bottom is one line, that, I believe controls how much 
time you have to press F8.


         Change the boot delay to a larger value.  It is suppose to be 
seconds.  Give yourself a bit more time, and that should give you time to 
get to the menu...

         Another trick, but not nearly as slick, would be to reboot half 
way through windows' startup (while the clouds are still on the screen) and 
try windows again.  It'll complain that it didn't get to start up all the 
way last time, and suggest safe mode. :)

John Edwards

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