[lug] Anti open source radio ads

Gary Hodges gary.hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Nov 6 11:04:58 MST 2000

The last few days I've been hearing what I call anti open source radio
ads.  The one I heard this morning went something like (greatly
condensed)...  "Tim invented HTML, Bill Gates invented Windows.  Bill is
rich and Tim isn't because Tim gave away his stuff, and Bill didn't.  Would
you rather be a poor Tim or a rich Bill?"  For the life of me I can't
remember the sponsor of the ads (the other ads are the same, but with
different players).  I also don't understand the relationship between the
ads and the sponsor, that is, I don't get how the ads are selling the
sponsor and/or their product.  I heard this morning's ad on 760.


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