[lug] .shosts and ssh

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Mon Nov 6 21:12:57 MST 2000

On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 05:55:33PM -0700, Ferdinand P. Schmid wrote:
>I am trying to set up a system that would allow scp (secure copy)
>without prompting for a password.  So I set up a ~/.shosts file in the

Create an identity/identity.pub pair with ssh-keygen, but don't enter
a password.  Add the identity.pub to the remote host/user .ssh/authorized_keys
file.  No password required for remote access.

You can also (thanks to Aaron for finding it) specify that a given key is
only valid for certain commands and the like as well (I believe this is a
OpenSSH addition).

Note that if you want to create a special identity just for doing this, you
can read that identity using "ssh -i identityfile".

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