[lug] SGI presentation

Alan Robertson alanr at suse.com
Wed Nov 8 05:00:35 MST 2000

"J. Wayde Allen" wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Alan Robertson wrote:
> > SGI comes into town periodically for sales pitches, etc.  Perhaps they'd
> > send someone for a presentation.  I know the guy who's head of their Linux
> > division.  Maybe he'd know who to contact.
> Alan, if you get a chance to talk to this fellow about a Linux talk let me
> know.  I'd certainly be interested in seeing what he could put together
> for us.

I dropped him an email.  But, I've got him busy on other things as well, so
it may be a few days before he gets back to me ;-)

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at suse.com

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