[lug] Speakeasy IDSL -- BTW

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Thu Nov 9 08:33:21 MST 2000

With these experiences I think Qwest pushing it. How many people do you
think they would have to do this to until someone takes legal action?
Would the FCC regulate this stuff?

Kevin Moore wrote:
> I tried to do the same thing with Phoenix to get idsl in N. Boulder-waited
> for 3 months for US Qwest then gave up. I have had an order in for isdn
> since Aug. 6th and I am still waiting. You don't want to hear the litany on
> this one-but a hint would be numerous losses of both my voice and data/fax
> line, loss of voicemail, 2 engineering change requests to unload the lines
> etc. etc. Still no isdn and no projected install date. So it seems even when
> the aren't trying to put up road blocks to competitors they can't get it
> together. Both Mile High Online (wireless) and @home say soon in N. Boulder,
> so I'm waiting to see if they can beat my isdn order.....Kevin


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