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The IDSL thread brought up a new question....How much are you paying for
ISDN? Last I looked it was really expensive for 2-channel access. I'm
looking for cost for ISP and the line. Maybe ISDN is the way to go.

Service Type        Terms          Monthly Charge       Set-up Costs   Fed
     ISDN Line Monthly        60.32                110.00         7.00

               12 mos         60.32                 93.50         7.00

               24 mos         60.32                 82.50         7.00

               36 mos         60.32                 55.00         7.00

               60 mos         60.32                No Charge      7.00

     Jack installation                             95.00     First Jack
                                         55.00     Each Additional Jack

     Internet Access - Basic unlimited access, 2 e-mail address, 5MB of web
hosting space.

                         29.95                5.00

     Internet Office Works- Unlimited Access, Support for Vanity Domain,
20MB of
web hosting space, Facilitation of domain name registration, DNS Management
one domain name, Search Engine Registration of one Domain Name.  Allows you
self provision a block of 5 Static IP's for an additional $14.95 per Month.

                         44.95                25.00

     3Com Impact IQ Modem          215.00               4.00 Shipping
(Additional information on this modem can be found at

     3Com 4 Port Hub/Router   410.00               4.00 Shipping
(Additional information on this LAN modem can be found at

Additional Information can be found at  www.uswest.com/isdn

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