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Is this something that anyone wants to work on?

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Dear Prospective Exhibitor:

The Total Technology Expo in Denver will be held September 19 & 20 2001 at 
the Colorado Convention Center. The Expo will connect the buyer and seller in 
a marketing extravaganza. 

The Total Technology Expo will be the premier event for the year 2001 and 
beyond in the state of Colorado. 

The Expo will be partnering with many of the leading mfg. companies in the 
nation, to bring a one stop IT solution to Colorado in a statewide event.

The Expo will bring in the leaders of the IT industry in Colorado. We will be 
working with the leading associations, govt, corporate and user groups in the 
state of Colorado to provide the guidance which will product a successful 
event for all of the exhibitors and attendees in Colorado.

Sign up today for the New Products Pavilion sponsored by Totaltechjobs.com. 
The exhibit space is $700 per 10 x 10 which is 50% off the exhibit space of 
$1395.00. You will be required to display a new product. 

Sign up today for the Solution Integration Pavilion sponsored by 
IToutsourcesolutions.com. The exhibit space is $700 per 10 x 10 which is 50% 
off the exhibit space of $1395.00. You will need to offer solution 
integration services.

Deadline for early sign-up is November 30, 2000.

We are also now accepting a speaker proposals for the conference, please 
contact us via email.

September is the primetime for companies to spend their new fiscal budgets 
for the next 6 months of purchases and there is no better time to connect 
with the buyer than a time when they are preparing the budget which will set 
the course of there IT purchases for the next year.

The Expo will feature all technologies breaking down into the following 
categories: networking, telecommunications, multimedia, internet, ecommerce, 
solution integration, job fair, business applications, accounting, desktop 
publishing, and much more.

The Expo will have over 2000 prospective attendees with budgets ready to be 
set and spend in the upcoming year. Do not miss the opportunity to sign up 
for the only Expo in 2001 which will connect you with the buyer at the optima 
purchasing timeframe.

For more information contact Jim Wulfekuhle at 630-848-1944 fax 630-848-1761 
or email jimwulfe at totaltechnologyexpos.com

Total Technology Expo/Denver
September 19 & 20, 2001 
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

“Soaring to New Heights in the Mountain States Region:”

3rd Annual Expo
Dramatic and frequent changes in technology mandate an aggressive marketing 
approach. It is no longer enough to assume old customers will remain loyal 
and new customers will keep surfacing. Your company is selling in a market 
that is increasingly competitive. You must be visible. You must persuade, 
convince, educate, and service your prospects and customers, face to face. 
Tradeshows are your best opportunity ! 
The more than  2, 000 buyers who will attend Total Tech/Denver will be there 
because they intend to keep up with technology and applications, and they 
intend to purchase ! 
Be there ! Your competition will !

The Total Technology Expo  will launch the Computer Industry into the next 
millennium consisting of a transformation of how we do business in relation 
to, networking, computing, internet, intranet, ecommerce, video conferencing, 
telecommunications, multimedia, & desktop publishing and more.
SMI the leading producers of tradeshows in the region have combined to put on 
the #1 event for 2001 with over 30,000 square feet of exhibit space and over 
100 exhibiting companies represented nationally & regionally. SMI have 
answered the exhibitors and attendees need by producing the only expo that 
will provide a “Total Business Solution for the Mountain States region.” The 
expo will connect the buyer & seller in one interactive event that will 
result in a buying & selling extravaganza.

 The market is growing and SMI will provide you the only sales & marketing 
vehicle for the region.  Let us provide you the link to the buyer “Sign up 
today’ for your companys'’ launching pad to a successful year of sales. 
TotalTech/Denver will provide the vehicle to your 2001 sales & marketing 
needs, buy connecting your company with the buyer.

Denver Attendee Target Market:

Corporate Decision Makers, Corporate Users, Presidents/Owners, MIS, CTO, CIO, 
DP, Facility Managers, Department Managers, End Users, Educators, 
Administrators, System Analyst, Programmers, Webmasters, Content Developers, 
Web Designers, Web Administrators, Tech Support, Controller/Purchasing 
Agents, Office Managers, Computer Specialist, Telecom Managers, CEO/CFO, 
Engineers, Human Resources, Desktop Publishers, Graphic Designers, In-Plants, 
In-house publishing, printers, service bureaus, reprographic houses, trade 
service, Associations, VARS, Solution Integrators, Consultants, Software 
developers, Networking Professionals, Animators, Multimedia professionals, 
advertising agencies, Internet, Intranet, Accounting, Database professionals, 
photography and more.... 

Target Attendee Industries:

Government, Hospitality & Tourism, Education, Telecommunication, 
Entertainment, Multimedia, Service, Manufacturing, Travel, Financial, 
Insurance, Graphic Communications Printing, Publishing, Advertising, 
Consulting, Science, Natural Resources, Associations, Media, and much more....

Absolutely! You should be exhibiting if you supply any of the following 
products or services:

Products & Services on Display at the Denver Show:

Computer Hardware & Software, Networking Applications, Web Design, Internet, 
Intranet, Extranets, Mobile Computing, Remote Access, Operating Systems, 
Software Applications, Mass Storages, LAN/WAN, Client Server/Technology, 
Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications, Network Security, Connectivity, 
NewMedia Applications, Printers, Copiers, Faxes, Scanners, Input Devices, 
Output Devices, Video Conferencing, Multimedia, Audio Visual, CAD/CAM, 
Digital Technology, Office Systems, Photography Accounting/Financial 
Applications, Document Management, Large format devices, Internet Software, 
Desktop Publishing, Laptops, Portables, Palmtops, VPN, Cabling, Fiber optics, 
Financing, Telecommuting, CD-Rom Technology, Office Systems, Office Equipment 
& Supplies, Graphic Arts Equipment, Ergonomic Solutions, Career Placement, 
Personnel, Computer Graphics, ISP’s, Web Design,  Computer Telephony, Network 
Hardware, E-Commerce, Marketing Support, Training, Presentation Systems, 
Server Applications, Imaging
 and much more.....

Top Notch Marketing Campaign:

Regional Publications       Electronic Media        Internet    
Radio               Newspaper           Business Publications   
Media Coverage      Newsletters         Press Releases
Marketing Sponsorships  Associations            Direct Mail
Retail Outlets          

and much more:

Leading Edge Conference Tracks:
TotalTech  will feature the regions’ #1 educational event for corporate 
decision makers, focusing on the hottest technology topics. Over 30 Seminars 
and one day conferences will be offered at the Total Technology Expo, 
featuring solutions for the year 2001 and beyond.

Advisory Committee:
To guarantee the TotalTech Expo is reflecting the interests and needs of the 
region, we have established a committee comprised of decision makers, 
associations, exhibitors, educators, industry experts who have a pulse on the 
exciting and ever-changing world of technology. They provide input as to the 
direction the expo should take, topic, products, pavilions, showcases, they 
expect to see and any other technology developments. This ensures the buyers 
& sellers interact in the success of the expo.

Marketing Sponsorships:
Obtain maximum exposure by participating in the TotalTech Expo Marketing 
Opportunity Program, via high profile exposure opportunities such as: 
Banners, Hospitality Events, Educational Programs, VIP Events, Road Show 
Events, and many more.

Marketing Partnerships:
TotalTech Denver is committed to forming strategic alliances with 
associations, exhibitors, end users, user groups and media outlets for the 
success of the expo.

Technology Pavilions:
Several leading edge pavilions will be dedicated to specific market 
integration programs to hi-lite the exhibitor and the attendee in a sales & 
marketing connection never before seen in the region. 

Manufacture Road Show VIP Events:
We invite the exhibitor to incorporate their special events to be held in 
conjunction with the TotalTech Expo for maximum marketing penetration for the 
region for the exhibitor to capture a dedicated audience to their products 
and services.

Keynote Programs:
Industry leading exhibitors will provide keynote programs for attendees to 
take a glimpse into the future of the industry, an opportunity not to be 
missed !

Special Events:
We will be organizing several leading industry events, that will allow the 
exhibitors, associations, and other groups to maximize their efforts to 
capture the attendees focus throughout the TotalTech Expo.

Decision Makers attend the Expo:
73% upper management
23% staff professionals
4% other

Average Purchase:
Computer Equipment          $88,600
Desktop  Equipment          $100,000
Networking Equipment        $75,000
Office Equipment            $63,000
Misc. Supplies              $38,000

Show Hours/Dates:
September 19 & 20 2001 10am - 4pm both days

Price to Exhibit:
$13.95 per square foot 

Don’t Delay ! 

Sign up today for the one event that will interconnect the buyer and seller 
in the Mountain States region for 2001.

For more information: 

Contact: Jim Wulfekuhle at 630-848-1944 fax 630-848-1761 email 
jimwulfe at totaltechnologyexpos.com.

Check box for city

Manchester NH_____Hartford CT_____Albuquerque NM____Des Moines 
IA_____Providence RI____Colorado Springs CO____Denver CO____Detroit 
MI____Omaha NE____Atlanta GA____Boise ID____Milwaukee WI____
1. To Apply for Booth Space

We are applying for_________square feet of exhibit space ing  Total Tech.. We 
understand that all exhibit space will be assigned on a first come, 
first-served basis. Availability of booth choices is not guaranteed.

Please refer toTotal Tech  floor plan to determine you booth choices. Our 
choices are. (Two or more booths may be combined to create a larger exhibit 
1st Choice____________  3rd Choice_______________ 5th Choice_____________
2nd Choice___________   4th Choice _______________ 6th Choice ____________

Per square foot per city

Manchester $13.95 Hartford $13.95 Albuquerque $11.95 Des Moines $11.95 
Providence $13.95 Colorado Springs $11.95 Denver $13.95 Denver $13.95 Detroit 
$13.95 Omaha $11.95 Atlanta $13.95 Boise $11.95 Milwaukee $13.95
Standard exhibit space rental is________(list city cost) per square 
foot_________list city cost per 10 x10 (100 sq. feet. The total square feet 
cost is per square foot x_________=U.S.______________drawn on U.S. bank. 
(Send Check to Total Technology Expo (list city) at 1536 Watkins Lane #206 
Naperville, IL 60540. phone # (630) 848-1944 fax  (630) 848-1761

100% of the total payment is due with the signed contract.
. Payments are due within 10 business days. 
Booth Payments are nonrefundable.

Listing Name___________________________ Company_____________________
Subsidiary_____________________________ Street________________________
Mailing Address______________________________________________________
City_______________State________Zip___________ Country________________
Show Contact___________________ Title__________ E-mail_________________
Telephone______________________ Fax___________ URL__________________
Authorized Company Representative______________________________________
Authorized Signature___________________________________________________
This signature implies that the company is bound by all show rules, 
regulations and terms. 
Payment must accompany this form. Make check payable to: Total Technology 
Space rental payments are not deductible as charitable contributions for 
federal income tax purposes. 
Internet/Intranet___ _____Services to the Trade______ Supplies_____________
Computer Hardware/Software _________Office Equipment_______Desktop 
Publishing_____________________________ Graphics______Accounting_______Career 
Networking Equipment_____________Telecommunication Equipment_______________
Multimedia_____________Mgmt. Software___________________Ecommerce_________
Please list briefly the type of products that will be displayed and attach 
products literature if available.

New Product 

Fax Applications to (630) 848-1761 Telephone (630) 848-1944 address is 1536 
Watkins Lane #206 Naperville, IL 60540

Credit Card Payment: American Express_____Visa_______Mastercard________

Name on Credit Card______________________________________________

Billing Address__________________________________________________


Amount to be charged______________Title__________Phone____________

I___________________agree to the following charges (amount)____________on my 
credit card for booth space for the Total Technology Expo in 

Authorizing Signature______________________

Show Mgmt. Use Only Recd_____Assigned 


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