[lug] Linux Puzzle Software

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Fri Nov 10 01:17:00 MST 2000

Kelly Ross Brock wrote:
> Howdy Dan,
>         This response is entirely your fault for me joining the e-mail list a
> couple days ago.  =)
>         Howdy to everyone else of course.
> > > Maybe I am imagining this but does any one know of software
> > that would
> > > allow one to take an image and apply a filter such that the
> > image would
> > > appear to be a completed jigsaw puzzle?
> > >
> > > I was thinking that there might be an xv or Gimp filter,
> > but I've seen
> > > something like this and just can't remember...
> >
> > Are you possibly referring to embossing?
>         Embossing is a technique used to impose 'bump mapping' on a 2D image.
> Generally the output is a greyscale image that looks 'bumpy'.  I think you
> were looking for the term Mosaic?
>         Regards,
>         KB

Hey, welcome to the list! Kelly has just turned an NT server into a
linux server, and will probably be asking questions about mail setup or
some other setup. He was asking questions about things I've never set
up, so I sent him here.

He's also a 3D animation style programmer, and can answer all your 3D
programming Q's, right down to quaternions.

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