[lug] Vi notes

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Fri Nov 10 12:38:21 MST 2000

A couple things I meant to ask about vi, but didn't get around to,
last night...

I use a dvorak keyboard layout.  There's some macros for mapping the
qwerty keys to dvorak that come with vim, but the *real* problem is
that 'hjkl' just isn't in the same place on a dvorak keyboard.  Any

Vi is, in my opinion, perfect for the quick-change to a configuration
file and edits of that nature.  I'd be more likely to use it if there
is a way to do the equivalent of Emacs' fill-* functions.  I suppose I
shouldn't expect it to be a *part* of vi, since that rather goes
against the philosophy designs of vi, so I'll ask it this way: Is
there a filter-type program that does the equivalent of the fill-*

Chris Riddoch
socket at peakpeak.com

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