[lug] Streaming video & linux

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Fri Nov 10 13:15:40 MST 2000

llornkcor wrote:
> > We use Voodoo 3000/3500 for development but have also worked with
> > ATI All-in-Wonders and IGS ( don't know the model ).
> You have ATI All-in-Wonders encoders and decoders that work? Where are the
> drivers?

Check http://www.core.binghamton.edu/~insomnia/gatos/

I don't recall if the person working with the ATI ever got 
streaming output to work.  I remember that he pulled most of
his hair out trying to get XF86 4.0.1 working so that he could
use the new xv stuff.  He did have input working with 3.3.6.
I've had most success with a Hauppauge tuner and Voodoo video

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