[lug] OT: Sparc Ultra 10 > 26GB disk possible?

llornkcor ljp at llornkcor.com
Fri Nov 10 15:46:24 MST 2000

On Friday 10 November 2000 15:22, you wrote:

linux geeks must be becoming well known for general knowledge of 
computer systems

I don't have quite that big of disk, and don't use Sparc, but for 
my 17 GB disk, I shut it off in the BIOS, and linux does fine. 
Linux works well with it ON in the BIOS also, but the BIOS sees it 
as less than what it actually is. 
Windows see's it as an unformatted 540 MB disk( when ON in the 
BIOS), and works with it OFF, except during a re-install, and also 
it doesn't see the partition that sits < 1024.

BeOS has to at least see it from the BIOS, so I have to turn in 
ON, but knows partitions and how large it is.

That's my experience with HDD < 8GB


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