[lug] OT: Sparc Ultra 10 > 26GB disk possible?

Harris, James James_Harris at maxtor.com
Fri Nov 10 16:16:12 MST 2000

Figured it out:

We're still using Solaris 7 which only supports up to (some claim 18, but as
we saw 26 - who knows.)  But, Solaris 8 is supposed to see up to 65GB
according to someone on Deja... so we're trying it now.

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Howdy all -

Got an off topic one here.  We've just tossed a 60GB IDE drive in an Ultra
10 and it's only being recognized as 26GB.  We're mostly PC guys but have
these couple of Ultra boxes and we're stumped.  I can't find anything about
BIOS updates or anything like that on Sun's website.  

Is it possible to use such a large IDE drive on an Ultra 10 or are we outa

Thanks much!!

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