[lug] Cylinders and pertitioning

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Sat Nov 11 10:50:18 MST 2000

Sean and Rodger, thanks for the replies.

I missed something. I have two 20 gig drives. I thought the one I
installed yesterday was set to 1024 cyls. Which is why I was trying to get
the previously-Solaris one to 1024. As you can see I didn't really
understand the math behind it. Thanks Sean I checked after reading your


On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Sean Reifschneider wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 09:59:48AM -0700, John Starkey wrote:
> >I'm installing a 20 gig drive that I'd originally used for solaris. The
> >drive is set for 2491 cylinders  and I'm trying to get it back to 1024. 
> Heads are limited to 63, sectors are limited to 255.  255 * 63 * 1024
> equals about 8GB.  If you have a hard drive larger than 8GB, you can't
> use remapping to make it show up as 1024 cyls or less.  If you need to
> boot from it, create a 50MB /boot.  Once the kernel is up, it can handle
> a single large partition.
> Sean

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