[lug] LILO becomes LI...

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Sat Nov 11 12:44:03 MST 2000

> I usually have a pile of old, and ready to boot kernels listed in 
> lilo.conf, just in case one doesn't work. Check your kernel config, 
> or maybe some flaky hardware. 

Everything was running fine before I got the RH CD involved. But yea. I've
got two kernels in there as backup and neither one will take me past
LILO. Both of these kernels were also being used before the RH CD.

> What I usually do in that case is rpm -iv --force --nodeps 
> whatver.rpm
> I do this when I KNOW that some dependancy is installed, not 
> necessarily by rpm, but it's there anyway, and it doesn't actually 
> check the files, it checks it's database of installed rpm's. One of 
> my grievences with rpm. Handy, tho.

Maybe in my case the --rebuilddb is broke. I don't expect it to see
non-rpm installs but atleast see it's own. Kinda bordering M$. Maybe 7.0
addresses this problem.

I was cracking up two days ago while defragging a windoze machine. It had
to keep restarting the defrag process because the contents of the
drive kept changing. I guess it was confusing itself.

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