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Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Sun Nov 12 08:38:44 MST 2000

I believe you are talking about scandisk - which may have been invoded by defrag
to check the disk before defragmentation.  The easiest fix for your problem is
restart into DOS mode and run scandisk.  Your problem is know under Windows 95,
at lest for some versions of it.  There are also certain disk errors that the
Windows scandisk can't fix unless you boot into dos.

I would love to see MS Word create a decent HTML document at least once.  All it
does for me is export the text as long as there is not fancy formatting.  The
quality of the GIF images it creates is poor so I copy those into the clipboard
withing Windows, paste them into Paint and save them as Bitmaps.  From there on
out the name of the game is GIMP and Linux tools.  I would love to see a less
labor involved AND high quality way for getting from MS-Word to HTML.  Maybe the
latest version of StarOffice would do better?


John Starkey wrote:

> > > I was cracking up two days ago while defragging a windoze machine. It had
> > > to keep restarting the defrag process because the contents of the
> > > drive kept changing. I guess it was confusing itself.
> >
> > The worse culprit for this is the screen saver ;-).  You should turn it off
> > when defragging...
> Actually I don't run a screensaver with Windoze. And defrag had the
> machine all to itself. It had to restart with every jump in % complete.
> I wasn't too worried about it. The only reason I have a Windoze machine is
> for work. I can't rely on anything to accurately open Word docs. They have
> to be exact since they are sent to me to be coded HTML. The biggest
> problem I have is with images.
> Any suggestions?
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