[lug] CD Oddity

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Mon Nov 13 16:51:41 MST 2000

David Morris wrote:
> I have a CD player in my linux box I use to play music CDs.  To play
> the CD, I simply press the play button on the front of the CD.
> At random times, the CD in the drive will spontaneously start to play.
> Is it possible some software in LINUX is doing this, or is it perhaps
> a random hardware glitch?
> Or is it simply a ghost pressing play at times I get overly stressed,
> or have I become telekenetic? <GRIN>
> --David

It could be the result of a utility that some window toolkit
wants to place in your Autostart directory.  Look in your
Desktop/Autostart directory and see if you have a file,
"Autorun.kdelnk".  It probably has something like:

Exec=/bin/bash -c "tt=`/sbin/pidof autorun`;if test -O /dev/console -a
x$tt=x -a -x /usr/bin/autorun;then /usr/bin/autorun --interval=1000
--cdplayer=/usr/bin/kscd & fi"

in it.  If so, that's probably your culprit.  Do a "ps -auxwww" to see
if it is in fact running.


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