[lug] Hostname problem

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Wed Nov 15 00:20:27 MST 2000

KoolMan wrote:
> I belelive that your /etc/HOSTNAME and /etc/hosts files both need to contain
> refrence to "oldschool" not just /etc/HOSTNAME actually I'm quite shure of
> this..
> And Dan your /etc/HOSTNAME file just contains the hostname not the IP
> address associated with the host name that is the job of /etc/hosts

AND - as I think Sean has mentioned - if you're running Red Hat (and possibly
other distros), /etc/sysconfig/network needs to include the line 'HOSTNAME="x"'
(the computer I'm using has 'HOSTNAME="c575204-a.whtrdg1.co.home.com"').

In fact, I _think_ the /etc/sysconfig/network is the preferred location -
/etc/HOSTNAME is there only for compatibility with older programs.


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