[lug] chatty DNS?

Aaron Root atree at dragonrealm.net
Wed Nov 15 06:59:49 MST 2000

I have a ppp dial on demand LRP box with 5 machine's behind it.  The
problem I've been having is that it keeps dialing all the time, despite
the deny all but what I specify firewall.  I determined last night that
my DNS server is constantly sending UDP packets out port 53.  869
Packets overnight.  I'm assuming that its updating something.  It is
only DNS for my internal network, so is there anyway to turn off the
updates?  Would I be on the right track by increasing the Refresh or
Retry settings in the named.local file to maybe only refresh once every
24 hours or something?

Thanks in advance for any ideas anyone might have,

Aaron T. Root, CCNA

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