[lug] cisco 675/ppp question

ljp llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Wed Nov 15 09:27:20 MST 2000

> The 675 gets the static IP on the wan0 end.  The other ends get the
> addresses.  One thing you don't distinguish is whether it's using the dhcp
> client or dhcp server.  If the client is being used, then it's on the wan0
> end, and if it's the server, it's serving 10.0.0.x clients.  You don't
> the dhcp server really.  You can just assign to the eth0 port and
> then 10.0.0.x to your machines.  This will make your life easier because
> don't have to worry about dhcp on the linux end which is kind of a pain.
> Your computers only deal with the cisco's eth0 end and only know enough to
> send packets to it to get out to the rest of the world.  I believe that
> netmask for the computers is, despite the class A IP of
> 10.0.0.x.  You can query this stuff by telnetting into the cisco.
> Chip

There's a web interface to the 675 also, but you'll have to telnet into it
to set it enabled.

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