[lug] Wireless pcmcia for linux

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Nov 15 13:24:35 MST 2000

To: herold at cslr.Colorado.EDU (HEROLD)
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>>>>> "HEROLD" == HEROLD  <herold at cslr.Colorado.EDU> writes:

HEROLD> Can anyone recommend a wireless pcmcia network card that will
HEROLD> run in linux and that other OS?

I would reccomend the 11mb 802.11b cards from lucent...

The "silver" ones are about 160$. The "gold" ones are more and likely
not worth it. (That determines how much hardware encryption it
does...) From what I understand if you enable full encryption with the
gold cards your throughput goes all to hell. ;( 

I got mine from http://www.corvex.com/ they may or may not have the
best price now. ;)

You need to make sure and get cards that are "802.11b" not just
"802.11". The "b" makes them 11mb cards and much more standard. The
plain 802.11 cards can only do 2mb. Also, the lucent cards are nice
because they have a plug for an external antenna. Some 802.11b cards
don't have any means for an external antenna... ;( 

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