[lug] Wireless pcmcia for linux

Bonnell, Doug DBonnell at BreeceHill.com
Wed Nov 15 13:40:40 MST 2000

The 'silver' cards also work with the Apple Airport, which can be used as a
nice 'Access Point' for quite a bit less money than other access points.

Check out:


for info on using the Airport without requiring Apple computers.

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> HEROLD> Can anyone recommend a wireless pcmcia network card that will
> HEROLD> run in linux and that other OS?
> I would reccomend the 11mb 802.11b cards from lucent...
> The "silver" ones are about 160$. The "gold" ones are more and likely
> not worth it. (That determines how much hardware encryption it
> does...) From what I understand if you enable full encryption with the
> gold cards your throughput goes all to hell. ;( 
> I got mine from http://www.corvex.com/ they may or may not have the
> best price now. ;)
> You need to make sure and get cards that are "802.11b" not just
> "802.11". The "b" makes them 11mb cards and much more standard. The
> plain 802.11 cards can only do 2mb. Also, the lucent cards are nice
> because they have a plug for an external antenna. Some 802.11b cards
> don't have any means for an external antenna... ;( 
> kevin
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