[lug] 3com NIC problem

Alan wilda at equity-oil.com
Wed Nov 15 13:55:37 MST 2000

 I installed a 3Com 3c509 NIC.  I am running Mandrake 6.5.  I ran modprobe
 3c509.o and got a return message:  eth0:3c509 at 0x280 tag1, 10baseT,
 10baseT port, address, 00 20 af 1e dd 9c, IRQ 11.
 I then edited /ect/ conf.modules to add the following lines:
 alias eth0 3c509
 options 3c509 io=0x280 IRQ=11
 I rebooted and ran dmesg and lsmod.  Neither command returned any reference
 whatsoever to eth0 or any other NIC type comment.
 Why is Linux ignoring this card?  What should I change or do differently?
 Thanks is advance.

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