[lug] Redhat install lock up problems...

Harris, James James_Harris at maxtor.com
Wed Nov 15 16:14:08 MST 2000

Howdy all -
(First of all -- sorry about that dud message I just sent... Got a little
happy with the ctrl keys...)

I'm helping a coworker install RH 7.0 from scratch on his system and we're
running into problems.  We get through laying out his disk partitions with
Disk Druid and select all of the packages that he wants.  It then says that
it's checking dependencies on all packages and then completely locks the
system up before ever moving on.

I tried to flip to the other consoles to see if there was anything logged,
but the system is completely unresponsive.  We've used this CD on another
box on a similar install and had no problems, so I don't think it's a media
problem.  I haven't tried using another cdrom drive, since I figured I would
try y'all first.  He was running RH 6.2 at one time on this box w/o
problems, so I'm leaning against X windows problems... but who knows...

Has anyone seen this that could lend some insight?  I'm predominantly a
Slack kind of guy, so I'm not overly familiar with the RH install and can't
remember which part of the setup comes next.

Jim Harris
Network Operating Systems Group
Phone:  303.702.3853 | Fax:  303.678.2182
EDS @ Maxtor Corporation

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