[lug] Redhat install lock up problems...

Kevin Fenzi kevin at tummy.com
Wed Nov 15 16:37:08 MST 2000

>>>>> "Warren" == "Warren Sanders" <sanders at montanalinux.org> writes:

Warren> I seem to remember having a similar type of problem.  It was
Warren> due to mounting any vfat partitions during install.  Two
Warren> things are, either don't mount vfat untill after installing or
Warren> get the fix for anaconda disk from RedHats updates.  Other
Warren> than that I'm not sure.

humm...I don't recall a vfat problem.
The anaconda update at http://www.redhat.com/support/errata/RHBA-2000-084-04.html
doesn't mention it. The problems it fixes are:

 - the installer would crash when doing a multi-CD install if
pre-existing partititions were specified as mount points

- ext2 labels were not being truncated properly when written out on a
new install, causing errors when trying to mount these partitions on a

- missing or corrupt RPMs were not clearly being reported during the
install process

BTW, the anaconda update is already in the krud-7 we released at the
beginning of the month. It's even in the boot image that the cd
uses. ;) 

>> Howdy all - (First of all -- sorry about that dud message I just
>> sent... Got a little happy with the ctrl keys...)
>> I'm helping a coworker install RH 7.0 from scratch on his system
>> and we're running into problems.  We get through laying out his
>> disk partitions with Disk Druid and select all of the packages that
>> he wants.  It then says that it's checking dependencies on all
>> packages and then completely locks the system up before ever moving
>> on.
>> I tried to flip to the other consoles to see if there was anything
>> logged, but the system is completely unresponsive.  We've used this
>> CD on another box on a similar install and had no problems, so I
>> don't think it's a media problem.  I haven't tried using another
>> cdrom drive, since I figured I would try y'all first.  He was
>> running RH 6.2 at one time on this box w/o problems, so I'm leaning
>> against X windows problems... but who knows...
>> Has anyone seen this that could lend some insight?  I'm
>> predominantly a Slack kind of guy, so I'm not overly familiar with
>> the RH install and can't remember which part of the setup comes
>> next.
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