[lug] host lookups

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Nov 16 08:19:25 MST 2000

I faked the entries for security purpose (i.e. they shouldn't have
resolved at all).  I was just trying to emulate the host table without
giving extra information.  I do not have an internal name server running
so it must be going external and then failing.  ping and other network
type functions work, it's just that exportfs takes far longer than it
should.  I'll look into setting up an internal dns or fiddling with

Thanks for the help.


"D. Stimits" wrote:
> First, some notes...
> (my nslookups use idcomm.com's name server)
> Hugh Brown wrote:
> >
> > HOSTNAME="juice"
> >
> > /etc/hosts
> >       localhost       localhost.localdomain
> >   juice.homenetwork.com          juice
> nslookup finds this (interesting it is routable)
> >   host2.homenetwork.com          host2
> nslookup finds this (interesting it is routable)
> >   host3.homenetwork.com          host3
> >   host4.homenetwork.com          host4
> >   host5.homenetwork.com          host5
> The 3 above are not found by nslookup.
> My own box fails to find host for itself. This is probably the way it
> should be. Maybe someone else can answer this...unless a non-routable
> internal network has its own nameserver running for the
> internal/unofficial ip's, then nameserver lookup will always go to the
> outside world, and thus fail?
> Do you run your own nameserver? I suspect you can run ping juice or any
> other name, and get an instant ping success. Probably it is only DNS
> lookup that is failing via the host command.

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