[lug] Topics for the Dec 14 talk?

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Thu Nov 16 10:37:07 MST 2000


  I am scheduled to talk at the Dec. 14th meeting with a topic of
"Audio/Video for Linux".  I had originally volunteered following an
email discussion on the mailing list with subject, "Sound recording
roadblocks and solutions".

  Since I am beginning to prepare, I was wondering what people would
like me to emphasize.  I have actually done a lot more video work
than audio, but there are people here whose brains I can pick about 
more audio details if necessary.  For video, would it be more useful
if I discussed how to watch TV on your monitor, use your PC as a 
cable box with the ability to draw onto the video stream, or perhaps
gave an overview of the currently available hardware and software.

Thank you,

Scott Herod

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