Subject: Re: [lug] re:cisco 675/ppp question

Jopa jopa at
Thu Nov 16 17:55:08 MST 2000

>Thanks for the link ... (and thanks to all that responded).
>Telneting into this thing, I confirmed that I do still have my old =
>address. It shows the static ip as a 'Inside Global Address' (command =
'>show nat')

>.I just wish that one could tell this little beast to send =
>all request of that address to and then I would not need any =
>other 'real' addresses.

===> I am pretty sure you can do this with the routing in the cisco.
It is a pretty handy little OS. Filters for protocols routing. Some people
use it as what we call the "poor mans firewall"
cbos manuals etc.
 How to for cbos

>I know ppp has it advantages over bridging, and soon perhaps few isp =
>will offer the later, but I can't help but think it's just another way I =
>will have to pay more for the same functionality. Oh well....



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