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MauroMedia nunar at iws.net
Fri Nov 17 17:27:25 MST 2000

Thank you Scott. Telling me to run the xscreensaver-demo
brought up another message telling me to read the FAQ at 
I found out that some screensavers won\'t run when logged
in as root. (Which I was)
The work around is to type \"xhost +localhost\" at a
command prompt.
BEWARE: This may cause some unacceptable security risks!

Thanks for all you help and ideas everybody. It\'s good
to know that I can count on the people on this list.

Shannon Johnston

Quoting \"Scott A. Herod\" <herod at interact-tv.com>:

> The Atlantis screen saver does require OpenGL ( Mesa
).  You can
> check to see if it works standalone by running
> Notice you can also turn the xscreen-saver daemon on
and off there.
> \"D. Stimits\" wrote:
> >
> > MauroMedia wrote:
> > >
> > > The screensaver isn\\\'t coming on at all. It\\\'s not
> > > OpenGL.
> > > I\\\'m running RedHat 7.0 with Helix Gnome.
> > > When I try to start it from the command line, it
> > > me that there\\\'s an error and I should read
> > > /var/log/XFree86 - A file that doesn\\\'t exist on
> > > system.
> >
> > I would assume (maybe incorrectly) that you are
using XFree86 4.x. One
> > thing that sometimes causes display problems of
otherwise valid apps is
> > if security settings don\'t allow the item to open in
the X display. A
> > sample is if you run the server as one user, then
open the app as
> > another user that isn\'t allowed to open it. I\'d save
that for last.
> >
> > But since you\'re using gnome, how did you originally
configure the
> > screensaver? If you open an xterm and run gnomecc
(gnome control
> > center), is the correct screensaver setting listed
there? How are you
> > trying to actually run the screensaver (waiting for
it to start, or
> > testing through a menu or command line, etc)?
> >
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