[lug] Segmentation Fault.

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sat Nov 18 12:52:41 MST 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> > > One of the lib errors points out libungif.so.4 which is actually in
> > > /usr/lib. Is there a param I could specify that will change it's root? Or
> > > one that I need to fix?
> >
> > If a library directory exists but is not being searched by the system,
> > you can add the directory to /etc/ld.so.conf; if the application wants
> > it in a specific place and it isn't there, you could add a symbolic link
> > from the real location to the spot it wants it to be in (personally I
> > think an app that demands a specific directory for lib files is kind of
> > lame). If you modify /etc/ld.so.conf, be sure to run ldconfig after to
> > tell it to update.
> It appears that my problem was an env var. But the lib it was ref wasn't
> in /etc/ld.so.conf. I'm fogetting what I've done and haven't done. It's
> been about 16 hours on this. /usr/local/pgsql/lib was in dl.so.conf and
> /usr/lib wasn't.

It's very unusual for /usr/lib to NOT be in ld.so.conf. The environment
variable is good for something you don't expect to use system-wide,
while ld.so.conf is good for something you want to be available in

> But this also exposed another problem I'm having. :} ldconfig is
> warning about symlinks. Should all the files in /usr/lib be ln'd to /lib
> files? This makes sense a a security precaution. I think.

Warnings here are usually the opposite of what you might expect.
Normally a lib has a name with a minor name and patch level, e.g.:
libsample.so.1.2.3  (hard link file)

The above would be the only hard link file. Next you would have a sym
link version:
libsample.so.1.2 -> libsample.so.1.2.3  (sym link to a hard link)

That in turn would be sym linked:
libsample.so.1 -> libsample.so.1.2  (sym link to a sym link)

ldconfig would expect libsample.so.1 to be a sym link, not a hard link.
If the least specific name (libsample.so.1 here) is not a sym link,
ldconfig will warn you that it expected a sym link but found a hard
link. So take a second look at your symlink warnings. Is it really
complaining about having a symlink, or is it warning you that the file
found is NOT a symlink?

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