[lug] linux tape backup

Dan Radom dradom at redback.com
Sat Nov 18 19:51:20 MST 2000

i've recently started to automate some backups to a scsi tape drive using
tar, and i'm running into a little trouble.  when doing a full backup (tar
cvf /dev/st0 /*) is appears to backup everything just fine.  Next time
around i use mt -f /dev/st0 fsf x where x is the last archive number on the
tape.  that seems to work also.  the problem is when i try to view the tape
contents or restore files from an archive my term just hangs part way
through tar tvf /dev/st0.  it will show a bunch of files and will stop
displaying although the command is still running and the tape srive is still
spinning.  while trying to restore i encounter a similar problem.  tar xvf
/dev/st0 /path/to/restore will just run forever and nothing wil be restored.
no errors either.  the tape device is a sony sdx-s300c and the box is
running redhat 6.1.  any suggestions on how to see what the heck tar is


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