[lug] File size limit issue

Rob Riggs robr at pangalactic.org
Mon Nov 20 21:50:49 MST 2000

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> The stock redhat kernel I'm fairly sure supports LFS, as long as
> your application can.  I don't know that Samba does.

The last Red Hat 2.2.16 kernel SRPM I looked at included
the LFS patch, but the RPMS it generated either did not
have it applied, or did not have it enabled (or so it
seemed to me).

I think you need a later "enterprise" kernel to get an
LFS enabled kernel.

Even so, I have 2.2.17-6enterprise, the LFS enabled glibc
from scyld.com, and a newly constructed LFS enabled Python
(1.5.2) package and still get "OSError: [Errno 27] File
too large" errors. The file is created and/or opened
with O_LARGEFILE. I've got no clue what I am missing
at this point.

Oh, and Red Hat backs out the code for the "Fix long
standing vm hang bug" in 2.2.17-6enterprise. Bastards.
(Those changes screw up a number of the other 100+
Red Hat kernel patches.)

Rob Riggs

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