[lug] Netscape 4.76 (solved)

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Tue Nov 21 16:28:44 MST 2000

"D. Stimits" wrote:
> I just updated my netscape-communicator to version 4.76. It says it
> supports:
>   This version supports U.S. security with RSA Public Key Cryptography,
> However, it doesn't specifically state "strong" encryption or 128 bit.
> In the security parts of help, it also does not specifically say 128
> bit. Does anyone know a means of specifically testing it for 128 bit on
> a given SSL web page? In my old version 4.73 I believe I could do this
> and know with certainty a given page had 128 bit encryption. I would
> like to test not just my particular browser for the ability, but a given
> page (clicking on the "lock" icon in the lower left while at an SSL page
> does not seem to tell me exactly what encryption level is being used
> anymore).

Solved my own question already. I made the mistake of looking at
certificates, when I should have looked at page info. This part does
show 128 bit.

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