[lug] DNS for private hosts - followup

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Nov 23 09:36:25 MST 2000

For those who were wondering, Giuliano needed the following changes
(Sean, be kind if it's not _exactly_ right - it _is_ working for him):

Giuliano Rescaldani wrote:
> @       in      soa localhost.postmaster.locahost. (
> @       in      soa ns.mydomain.fake.hostmaster.mydoamin.fake (
> @       in      soa ns.postmaster.ns. (

All of those had been copied from a poorly printed article - the problem
was that a space was missing between the machine names (like
"ns.mydomain.fake.") and the email addresses (like
"hostmaster.mydomain.fake") (not to mention the lack of a trailing
period after "hostmaster.mydoamin.fake").

Then it turned out that the NT default is to give the dns domain the
same name as the NT domain, so the Windows systems didn't know to search

The final (we hope) problem was in the in-addr.arpa file - the fully
qualified names were missing their trailing periods:

> 3       PTR     resca.mydomain.fake

> 3       PTR     resca.mydomain.fake.


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