[lug] modem problem

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Nov 24 00:05:06 MST 2000

Use minicom and try doing an AT$ and an AT&$ to get a listing of the
commands you can send your modem, hopefully there will be a code that
you can put in your init string to turn that off.


Mohan Kumar wrote:
> hi,
>    i just bought a modem(external) and it works fine with win. i tried to
> set it up on linux and am able to communicate to the modem. but when i try
> to dial a number by atdt it says no dial tone. I faced the same problem in
> windows and was able to correct it by setting the modem not to wait for dial
> tone(in modem properties).i think it is the same problem im facing n linux.
> is there some way to tell the modem not to wait for dial tone(some at
> commands?)
> thanx,
> mohan kumar.s

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